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Kindhearted Volunteer Opportunities

Lending a tender hand is the most effective way to make a difference in our society. The volunteer opportunities from Sierra Social Services Inc. of Castro Valley, California, allow you to help those in need simply by being their friend.

Volunteers - Volunteer Opportunities

Dedicated Volunteering

If you want to volunteer at our facility, simply sign up through the website or contact our office at (510) 205-1448. We need to perform a background check and get you finger printed and properly trained before you begin work. This ensures safety as well as quality service. The time commitment is three to four hours per day, 20 hours per week for at least one month.

Charity Events

The main goal of Sierra Social Services Inc. is to teach the developmentally disabled individuals to interact with people and do things that they have in common. We have many upcoming events that our volunteers help with, including taking them to the park, shows, and movies.  

Contact us to change the lives of the disabled through our volunteer opportunities.